With these concepts we explore the field of healthcare and specifically the potential improvements that can be made to the working lives of healthcare professionals


A secure, smart device that provides simplified and intuitive data capture so that you can focus on providing the best care.


Guided, voice data capture

Complex data entry simplified

Boost time savings and accuracy


A shared overview of your care journey in one app. Informs and guides you and your family to be up-to-date and proactive in all the steps of your care, from pre-op to post-op, towards successful recovery


Proactively manage your pre- and post- clinic tasks

Your care plan clearly visualized in a timeline

Inform yourself and your family about your condition and procedure


For high-school students: gain valuable work and people skills. Our app allows you to schedule easy tasks to assist patients in nursing homes and beyond


Get your feet wet in the world of healthcare and gain valuable job experience

Work flexibly based on your availability after initial screening and onboarding

Support patients, their family, and nurses on non-nursing tasks



Our mission is to help nurses flourish in healthcare through 1:1 mentorship.

For mentees - we connect you to mentors across the industry to share experiences and learn from each other

For mentors – give back to the community and get recognition for you contribution


Coaching and mentoring

Build mental and emotional resilience

Empowering community



Proudly offering healthcare professionals benefits and discounts to thank you for your contribution to society


Collective benefits

Earn additional rewards

Adapts to your needs