Our people



We have a multi-disciplinary team of designers, strategists, and researchers working together with over 20 academics, healthcare professionals and experts from the health industry



Shauna is the Service Design Lead at Deloitte Digital in Amsterdam with a passion for tackling environmental and social sustainability issues. Her work at Deloitte focuses on bridging human-centered innovation and emerging tech through a combination of design research, creative facilitation, speculative futuring and service design.



Vincent's impact lies in his ability to dilute complex matters into easy-to understand concepts. He has a track record of facilitating training sessions and project management with a focus on stakeholder management, readiness assessment, and communication.



Isabel is a consultant at Monitor Deloitte The Netherlands, Deloitte's strategy consulting practice. Isabel has a background in Economics, with a focus on behavioural economics.



Edgar works as a "designer of many things" at Deloitte Digital in Amsterdam, a creative agency collaborating with the largest brands in Europe. His interests lie heavily in generative design and computer graphics with intrigue in mixing interaction and space.



Thomas has a background in creative problem solving for large organisations, innovating collaboratively with internal teams to uncover the true value of brands, and harnessing the power of customer insights to generate propositions that are both highly desirable and commercially attractive.