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Week 5 (part2) – Getting feedback from experts

One of the last steps in the project was to make sure the proposed concepts held water in the real world. We had healthcare experts give their ideas and expertise on different ways the concepts might prosper and how they could be implemented further in the healthcare industry.

Week 5 (part1) – Further validation with users

With our prototypes having gone through multiple iterations of testing, validation and redesign, they were starting to feel more fleshed out and solid in the hands of the users.


Week 4 (part2) – Testing with healthcare professionals

We also tested out the prototypes with healthcare professionals in both hospitals and care homes. Many new ideas and possibilities emerged from these sessions that took the concepts further in detail.


Week 4 (part1) – Concepts to prototypes

In week four we started transforming the concepts into prototypes through sketching out the wireframes, iterating and then developing high fidelity versions of them.


Week 3 (part2) – At the hospitals

We went to additional hospitals to get a better view of the working life of nurses, as well as to further validate the concepts we created so far. We could shadow the nurses in their work, they went over their daily tasks and explained us their procedures. After that, we showed our concepts, from which we got very interesting insights about their reasoning why some concepts might work and other concepts not.

Many ideas starting to pop up

Many ideas starting to pop up

Week 3 (part1) – Validating concepts

Validating our concepts is one of the key steps in the D5 methodology. To that end, the team visited one of Amsterdam’s largest hospitals to dig down deeper into our concepts. Once again, the healthcare professionals we visited were very supportive and provided us with some valuable insights.

Our next step was to make take our concepts to the next level by identifying unique features, the potential market, and their USPs. We are eager to test our improved concepts next week with more healthcare professionals. Stay tuned!

Thomas’cake looked funky

Thomas’cake looked funky

Shauna being epic

Shauna being epic

Week 2 (part1) – Ideation, Thomas’ birthday, and concept spaces

Thanks to all the healthcare and innovation experts that took part in our 2x idea generation sessions this week. We came up with more than 100+ ideas and 20+ initial concepts.

We also wished happy birthday to Thomas and took an eating tour of the UK with all the tasty snacks he brought.

Talking with healthcare professionals to get their view on things

Talking with healthcare professionals to get their view on things

Week 1 (part2) – Interviews rolling in

We started with immersing ourselves in the world of healthcare. By interviewing a number of healthcare experts, we created our first insights. Most importantly, we interviewed 10+ nurses around the Netherlands to touch upon the daily life of a nurse: both regarding their work as their lives next to work.

Vince and Shauna making important calls

Vince and Shauna making important calls

Week 1 (part1) – Kick off

The team was excited at the challenge they were facing.